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Save The Marriage System Consist Of Several Powerful Modules, All Working Together To Help You Save Your Marriage…

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Just Some Of What You’ll Discover In Save The Marriage..

The Top 5 Mistakes people make when a crisis arises.
The “real” secrets to a healthy, stable, loving marriage.
How to assess the stage of your crisis (there are 8).
How to address any stage of a crisis and turn it around.
What to do, what to say, and what to avoid in order to save your marriage!

“A terrific resource…I have been reading the first few sections and am very relieved to find such a terrific resource……It really fits with the direction I’ve been taking, personally and with clients.”- Sally F. , Therapist

Why “hard work” on the relationship isn’t always the answer.
How marriage counseling can be dangerous to your marriage’s future.
Why “low mood therapy” is destined for failure and how “high mood relating” makes the difference.
How to move beyond emotions and take action!
How to find the North Star of your relationship, and why it matters.

“My relationship is much better…
For the record… let me just say that your guide is the most sensible, real, self help book of any kind that I have ever read… …These things that you talk about in your book are real, so simple—THEY JUST MAKE SENSE… My relationship with my husband has gotten so much better !! thank you, thank you thank you” – Robin R.


 Click Here To Download Save The Marriage Book

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Why true intimacy is a lot closer than you think–and how to get there!
What “the TIE Elements of Communication” are, and how they can transform your communication.
How to change the momentum of a relationship, sometimes instantaneously!
What the Practices of Marriage are, and how they can transform your relationship.
Why arguing is a waste of time — and the amazingly simple secret to get around it.
How to become a team, even if you feel like opposites.
Why power is so destructive to relationships and how to change it.

“A dramatic turn around!
What a dramatic turn around! Our relationship is 180 degrees reversed and moving in the RIGHT direction! Thank you so much!” – Nancy T

How to deal with problems involving sex or money.
Why anger and resentment are so dangerous, and what to do about it, regardless of whether you or your spouse is angry or resentful.
How to make paradigm shifts (literally, quantum leaps!) in the relationship.
Much, much more about how to transform your relationship.
How to begin saving your marriage beginning in less than an hour, maybe in less than 10 minutes!
In short, how to have the marriage of your dreams.


Anyone Is Capable of
Transforming Their Relationship

Impossible as it may seem, I have created techniques which transform relationships… even when only one person is trying! My typical client is a spouse that wants to save their relationship when their partner has already “given up.”Most therapists work from the assumption that, if only one person wanted to work on the relationship, it was impossible to fix. I don’t approach marriage crises this way. I approach them like an algebra equation. If one side of the equation is changed, the other side must change! Incredibly, my clients have achieved an 89.7% success rate. . . even if only one spouse starts the process! (Findings based on surveys. Individual results can vary.) – Dr Lee Baucom



Click Here To Download Save The Marriage Book

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

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